The 8 Steps to Building Your Dream Home

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The 8 Steps to Building Your Dream Home

custom home buildersMost of us are apprehensive, or even unwilling, to build a home from scratch. The seemingly enormous process that involves the building of a new home is something which many are afraid to consider because of the planning and research which goes into it. Fortunately, with many companies offering services and turnkey solutions to the building process, our dream home might not be an impossible fantasy. Remodeling, complete renovation, or even building from scratch is nowadays a far simpler process than it used to be. Companies and contractors offer a vast variety of model homes as well as design services, and will guide you through every step of the building process, so that you can be contented with your home upon completion. Whether you are hiring a building company, a contractor or are simply building yourself, featured in this article are some steps to building your custom home which will help you and ease you through the process.

Building your custom dream home in the Greater Toronto Area

  1. Outline your goals and set a budget.

Custom home design and building starts with the initial planning phase where you sit down, figure out what you want, and decide how much you are willing to spend. Building a custom home is essentially only limited by your budget, so ensure that you have a firm number in thought as well as a plan of what you want to achieve with the money you have dedicated to the project. Remember that a custom home will require much more than walls and a floor. Research the costs of fixtures, wiring, plumbing, furnishing, local taxes and fees, the cost of the land itself and so on, so that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises.

  1. Find a team that suits your needs.

Whether you’re hiring a contractor or a firm, assemble the team you know will bring the best results. A good architect is essential to the design and stability of your home, while a builder will be the one to make it all happen. Other people you will be working with are electricians, roofers, plumbers and other trade contractors who will be the ones actually working on the real parts of your home. Know who is who, and what you will need them to do.

  1. Remember that land availability and zoning laws might restrict your building.

When you find a piece of land upon which to build your custom home, ensure that the design you have in mind will adhere to local building and zoning laws. As these differ by area, do your research beforehand.

  1. Plan until you can’t plan anymore.

Without a concrete plan the home building process cannot start. Your dream must first be assembled on paper before it is assembled in reality. Every detail of your home will need to be worked out with qualified professionals who are aware of the structural aspects of your new home. Remember that the more you plan, the easier the actual building process will be.

  1. Set a firm foundation and discuss the way you want your home to be built.

There are many ways your builders can go about creating your home. From traditional stick framing to insulated concrete forms, you have the option to build your custom home in ay way you see fit. Do the proper research on building methods to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want.

  1. Be active in the building process.

While building is going on, spend as much time as possible on site so that you can see how construction is going, what can be changed or fixed, and what else you can do.

  1. Be ready for setbacks.

Nothing will ever be perfect, and you have to be ready to hear some bad news every once in a while. Making changes during the building process is an often necessary thing, and doesn’t mean your original plan must be changed entirely.

  1. Enjoy the process as well as the finished product.

Remember that your custom home is your dream home, and that all the tears going into creating it are worth it in the long run, when you move into your dream home.

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