We’ll Do all Your Work for You! – Why Hiring a Design and Building Company has its Advantages

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We’ll Do all Your Work for You! – Why Hiring a Design and Building Company has its Advantages

If you’re thinking of investing in renovation, home addition or remodeling, hear us out. You may be considering hiring a contractor to go about doing the construction work, however, there is an alternative. A construction and design company will provide you with many advantages, often including better prices, more information, flexibility and better work experiences. While many building firms outsource their work to independent contractors, many have construction professionals working within the dynamic of the firm for the benefits of their customers. In addition, a company specializing in construction and design will give you the advantage of superior knowledge about style and design when it comes to your renovation or building. Whether you’re thinking of building a custom home, home addition or renovation, there are a multitude of reasons why hiring a design and building company such as Black Pearl Custom Homes is more advantageous than hiring contractors.

We will work with our customers to ensure their vision becomes reality.

A design and building firm only has your ideas in mind. During the planning process, our architects and designers will go about ensuring that every detail of the plan is made known to the customer, and take into account all of their wishes. We do not attempt any construction until our customers are completely happy with the plan.

There will be no additional costs.

Before building, our teams will establish a comprehensive budget for your project and will ensure that there will be no surprises during building. In addition, we always attempt to merge all of your ideas as we as your initial price range, in order to satisfy the project details in the most cost-effective way.

You only have to deal with us.

While hiring a contractor might additionally require dealing with architects, designers, material suppliers, electricians, plumbers and other necessary personnel, with a design and building company all of these meeting are taken care of by our team. In addition, all permits that you need to apply for before building will be obtained by our team, removing yet another pesky chore from your to-do list. All you need to do is sit back and watch your project become a reality.

A firm is insured and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Companies that offer building and design services are fully licenced, insured, and offer customer satisfaction guarantees that you are protected with from the moment you sign the contract. When hiring an independent contractor, you’re always taking the risk of unlicensed unprofessional work, for which you will be required to pay for. Eliminate the necessity for background checks and references, and go with a trusted company that only employs the most professional workers.

Your convenience is our priority.

Scheduling meetings, building dates, consultations… all of these things add more stress on top of the already stressful experience that is building or renovation. As a company, we seek to eliminate unnecessary stresses by deferring to our customer’s schedules as much as possible. We will set up constructions times in a way that will be least intrusive into our customer’s lives, to make the home building experience one that is pleasant and efficient!

Black Pearl Custom Homes is a home design and renovation company that provides a unique home building experience. Our company is happy to provide our customers with design services as well as construction, in order to create the perfect home. Servicing the GTA, Black Pearl Custom Homes is a name that rings true with trust, innovation and creativity. For all of your renovation and building needs and inquiries, contact us by email at info@blackpearlcustomhomes.com, call us at (416) 418-7660 Or get a free quote now!

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