10 Stunning Home Addition Ideas

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Adding an addition to your home is the best way to extend your living space and add value to your home. It is much easier and less expensive than looking for a new home just for extra space.

If you are looking for home addition ideas, here at Black Pearl Custom Homes, we can help you get the extended space that you need. Here are a few great house addition ideas.

Add Glass Walls

If you have a great view, you should be able to enjoy it. Adding glass walls can make the room feel much bigger. Glass walls will also allow in much more sunlight.

Glass walls inside can also help to open up the interior of your home. It’s a great way to separate spaces but keep them open and visible, making even a small home seem more spacious.


Add a Guest Room

Room additions for small homes can be as easy as adding a guest room. This can be a complete addition or a renovation to an outside patio or attached garage.

It’s perfect for visiting family or company, a growing family, or for family members who just need to have some space to themselves. It can also be used as storage when not being used by someone.

Major Renovation to Add Extra Square Footage

Smaller homes can become cramped and cluttered. With a growing family, home addition plans can extend your current living space. Get a bigger kitchen, an extra bedroom, a laundry room, or a home office.

This can also include adding a second floor. Older homes have great foundations but not a lot of space. A second floor can practically double your living space.


Second Floor Bathroom Addition

Even a larger home without enough bathrooms is inadequate. If you have a second floor or are considering adding one, get a bathroom installed. What better way to accommodate your growing family.

Get the luxury spa bathroom you have always wanted. An extra bathroom is perfect for teens, entertaining, and just an extra space to pamper yourself in a beautiful space.

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Extend the Kitchen

Our kitchens are very often the heart of our homes. Get extra space to increase your work area, storage, and dining area. A larger kitchen will allow you to work much easier and allow helpers in, as well.

You may need to upgrade your lighting, your electrical system, and even get in some smart appliances. By extending your kitchen, you can enjoy more counter space, an island, and far more storage.

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Add a Mudroom

A mudroom is an excellent and easy home addition design.

Very often, it can be done by simply enclosing your existing space and adding a few walls. If you do need to build, it is an easy and quick home addition.

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All-Season Porch

An all-season porch is a great way to extend your home. It can be used as an indoor patio, sunroom, or mudroom, and you can even keep plants in the warmer months.

If you have a patio or outdoor porch it can be simply enclosed to give you more space and an extra room. If it is open to the home, you can enjoy sitting in there all year long.

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Adding a Small Deck

A small outdoor space that is attached to your home is a perfect home addition idea. Anywhere you have enough space you can add a small deck. Off the kitchen, off a bedroom, or to access the roof.


Small Double-Decker Addition

Extending your living space with a double-decker addition can give you a lot of extra space. You can extend the ground floor to include a room or rooms above or with a basement below.

This type of home addition design can really expand your living space. Use it for a den, storage, extra bedroom, or a new home office.

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Sunroom with a View

Taking advantage of your beautiful view with a gorgeous sunroom will add so much value to your lives and your home. This can be on the ground floor or a second-story sunroom.

Imagine sitting in the sun, surrounded by plants and relaxing with music, a book, or just the sound of Mother Nature outside. The entire family can enjoy a new sunroom all year long.

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If you are looking for home addition ideas, look no further than Black Pearl Custom Homes. We are custom-home builders and we work with you and your ideas to help you get the home of your dreams.