8 Outdoor Spaces to Build in Your Custom Home

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Designing your own custom home is an amazing and rewarding experience. But don’t forget to think about your home’s outdoor area too! Outdoor spaces can greatly improve the homeowner’s quality of life and ability to entertain. Investments in landscaping and backyard structures are also easy to recoup when it comes time to put your house on the market.

So, where do you start? The landscaping experts at Black Pearl Custom Homes have come up with a list of the most desirable features for an outdoor space, including garden structure ideas and backyard structure ideas. Keep reading to learn more!


Create an Extension to Your Home

A beautiful backyard blurs the lines between the terms “inside” and “outside.” Ideally, your home’s outdoor space should be treated as another physical region of the household.

For example, your back patio could be covered by a magnificent-looking pergola that acts as a shelter and almost like a hallway just outside your home. In other words, make your outdoor space a magical gateway to the residence within.

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Build a Path 

Divvy up your outdoor space into zones with an elegant solution. Build beautiful pathways that guide your family and friends between designated places for swimming, dining or simply lounging. If you design your paths to meander across the property, it can have the thrilling effect of a natural ambience that will certainly elevate your home.

Whether it’s simple dirt paths, stamped concrete or ornate tiles, the expert designers at Black Pearl Custom Homes can help you pick the most stunning solution for your space.


Create a Shelter

When you’re creating these destinations for your family and guests, don’t forget to consider privacy and shelter from the outside world with a covered outdoor structure.

Using a combination of the right trees and shrubbery, or including an awning or gazebo, you can create some intimate spaces that can easily deflect the inquiries of nosy neighbours. It’s nice to show off, but it’s equally as nice to be able to hide away.


Install a Fireplace

A fireplace in your backyard? It’s one of outdoor landscaping’s hottest trends right now and it makes perfect sense as an addition to your space. A fireplace amps up the level of coziness all year long, but think about how it will extend your window of weather enjoyment.

Even just a few weeks extra of enjoying the outdoors on chilly spring or autumn nights could make this sleek outdoor feature quickly prove its worth in your landscaping budget.


Consider Hardscape vs. Softscape Designs

When it comes to creating the ultimate outdoor space, it’s important to consider both hardscape and softscape design features so you can strike the right balance. Hardscaping is all the permanent, outdoor structures that section out the landscaping.

This includes pathways, retaining walls, and flower beds. Softscaping refers to all the organic elements of the space including trees, shrubs, flowers, and soil beds covered in mulch.


Awnings and Pergolas for Much-Needed Shade

Most Toronto homeowners know the importance of having good shade in the sweltering months of summer. If you want to get the most out of your outdoor space then you should invest in awnings or pergolas to block the UV rays, keeping your family and guests cool for an afternoon of entertainment.

Having these permanent, natural-looking elements to produce shade will make your outdoor time that much more enjoyable.

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Choose Locally Sourced Materials 

If you want the best-looking, naturally inspired landscape for your home’s outdoor space, consider using locally sourced materials for as many parts of the project as possible. In some cases, homeowners will source field stones from their local municipality.

This not only keeps the look of your home authentic, but you’re also contributing to the sustainability movement by producing fewer emissions to transport your building materials. Locally sourced building materials are also generally cheaper — better for your budget — because of dramatically reduced shipping costs.


Create an Upper Deck 

Think outside the box and patio structure when you’re designing your dream patio. A custom design allows you to create a truly unique living experience for your family and an entertaining experience for your future parade of guests.

A multi-level deck allows you to section off specific areas for dining, lounging and even enjoying the hot tub. This design strategy can make even the smallest deck seem like a delightful adventure to navigate.

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