8 Ways to Design Your Dream Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the space you gather with family for meals and catch up with friends. This means you need a kitchen layout that is functional and flows well especially when you have guests to entertain. When planning your kitchen renovation, there are a few designing tips that will help the process go smoothly. From good storage space to ample countertops, these are the things you need for a kitchen.

Create Wide Walkways

Kitchen prep is a lot of work, and you need to be able to move with ease. Transferring hot pots and pans between your counters and an appliance can be tricky, especially when other people are in the kitchen. So make sure to keep a wide path of approximately 36 inches.

Ensure that cooking aisles are around 42 inches for one-cook kitchens, and 48 inches for two-cook kitchens. This will give you plenty of space to safely move around as you prepare your favourite meal.

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Consider Kitchen Layout

Your new kitchen should make meal preparation easy. This is why you should take the time to create an easy, simple kitchen design that improves workflow. Consider the tasks you will be performing in the kitchen. This will help you create spaces that reflect your needs. For example, if you are adding a coffee bar, then place a cupboard nearby for coffee cups, sugar and other tools.

Getting meals ready in the morning will be a breeze once you incorporate this. Do you have a spot where you know you will be packing lunches or leftovers? This is the perfect space to add storage for containers and wrap, so you can pack up food in no time.

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Avoid Corners

Avoid the corner trap when designing a kitchen. Corners can impede the swing of cabinets and make placing appliances tricky. They can also limit your counter space and make opening and closing drawers a hassle.

Try to focus on creating an open space that enhances your movement and access to kitchen cupboards, drawers and appliances.

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Consider Kitchen Island’s Function

A kitchen island is a great way to create added prep space and storage. When designing your new kitchen, think of the ways your kitchen island can make prep easier. Your contractor will be able to offer a variety of helpful suggestions based on the layout of your kitchen.

Elements you may want to consider adding include an additional sink, more counter space to do work or homework, a small fridge or wine bar. The island is a great gathering space, so make sure that you have a lot of surface space to entertain.

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Review Countertop Options

It goes without saying that your new kitchen is going to need countertops. So when deciding what kind you want, consider both the materials and the functions you plan to do while in the kitchen. A countertop in a well-used kitchen will be versatile and strong, so it can stand up to cooking, baking, and other kitchen activities.

Go with countertops that are granite or marble to ensure you have the best possible work surface. Consider adding a built-in cutting board for easy prep and convenience.

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Find the Best Spot for Recycling

The latest design for kitchens include waste and recycling disposal. Meal prep can lead to the creation of lots of plastics, tins, glass, and other materials. Having your recycling handy is the perfect way to ensure messes are cleaned up.

Your contractor can provide you with a variety of hidden storage solutions that allow you to dispose of recycling and make it easy to sort and transfer to the curb once a week.

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Organization is Key

A kitchen is a high-traffic area that serves a lot of purposes. That’s why organization is key. Having ample storage that allows you to carefully sort and put away your kitchen supplies is the best way to stay on top of tasks. Plan your kitchen design around how you use your kitchen so that storage is available where you are doing specific tasks.

The best kitchen designs feature places to not only store plates and food, but appliances, such as a pedestal for mixers or drawers that are deep enough to hold large pots and pans. This will keep your space clear of clutter and make it easier to find things when you need them.

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Use Light Colours in a Smaller Kitchen

It’s important that your kitchen is bright but also inviting. That’s why we recommended using light colours. Not only does this enhance lighting, but it gives the illusion of a larger size.

Cream, yellow and white are the perfect colours to enhance the look of your kitchen, giving it a modern, airy feeling.

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