Energy-Efficient Custom Home: Upgrades

energy saving home

We get a lot of questions from our customers about energy-efficient custom homes. And the truth is that building a custom home to be energy-efficient seems to be the way to go these days. We know what you’re thinking, “energy-efficient home upgrades are always more expensive than regular options.” Although that’s partly true, renovating your…

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Custom Home Exterior Remodelling Ideas

The outside of your home is the first thing people see and you want it to leave a lasting impression. Exterior house remodelling not only enhances the curb appeal to your property, but it also reverses the signs of aging and weather damage. As a result, remodelling your house on the outside enhances its overall…

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How to Add Height to Your Basement

Black Pearl custom home basement design

When you utilize it correctly, a basement is an important asset in a property. Your basement can be remodelled into an at-home gym, a legal secondary suite, or even a wine cellar. However, not all lower levels are constructed as viable living spaces. Because basements were once built primarily for storage, they have lower ceilings.…

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Precast Concrete for Your House’s Exterior

luxury home builders toronto

Are you looking to embark on a new construction project? Then give precast concrete designs a try! Not only are they durable and aesthetically versatile; using prefab concrete in your project can also significantly reduce construction time and expenses. The Precast Concrete Advantage  Improved Quality Control As opposed to standard concrete that is poured onsite,…

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Getting an Addition for Your Home

Dining room design by Black Pearl

You love your home, but maybe you just find that you need some more space. You are hesitant to move because you like the location where you are living now. Maybe you love the school district, or you are close to your family. Whatever the reason is, moving is not an option that you want…

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Custom Build Your Dream House

Custom House in North York by Black Pearl cutom homes

You may have bought your first house as a starter home, but after that, you want to make sure that you get your dream home the next time around. The problem is that maybe you have searched all over the place for a home that meets all of your expectations. If you do not want…

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Designing a New Home

Black Pearl custom home in Etobicoke

You have decided to custom build your home. Or maybe you have thought to custom build your dream home but have not made a decision yet. Either way, this is a big step that you may not want to take lightly. It is important to know all about the design process because people are going to get…

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The Process of Building Your Dream Home

modern home designers toronto

People may not actually understand what process is needed to custom build your own house. Luxurious custom homes are not done overnight, and there is a high level of perfection that is required when it comes to building such unique homes. By understanding this process, you are going to know exactly what it entails so…

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Home Additions in North York

modern homes toronto

Lawrence, Sheppard, Finch, Steeles, Leslie, Bayview, Yonge, Bathurst, Keele – If you’re looking to invest into your house and you have a bungalow, it is time to build up your second-floor addition. Black Pearl Custom Homes has over five current developments in the North York Area and we are building even more traction over the…

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