Building a Custom Home vs. Spec Home


You’re looking for a building a house in Ontario but can’t decide whether to build a customized home or buy a spec home. It’s essential to consider the differences between the two, as well as how your budget, stage you are at in life, and personality will impact your decision.

30 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Custom living room from black pearl custom homes

Home renovations, regardless of their size, can be a scary undertaking. Plenty of time, effort, and money will be invested into making your home look great, and there’s nothing worse than completing a project only to realize you’ve made a design or installation mistake. In order to avoid this outcome, and the financial and mental…

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Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid


Are you thinking of a kitchen renovation? There are two main reasons homeowners decide to do this.  First, they want to create their dream kitchen because the kitchen is the hub of the home where made memories are made and meals are shared. You want it to look amazing and have a nice atmosphere. The second…

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Myths About Custom Homes

To most individuals, the idea of having a custom home built – one with all of the finishes, formats, and fine details you’ve dreamt about – seems completely out of reach. Due primarily to the misinformation spread about custom homes and the misconception that only a select lucky few will ever be able to obtain…

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Top Custom Home Designs for Your Dream Home


Building a custom home allows you to explore your imagination and implement some of the dream house ideas you love. However, many people feel overwhelmed with the enormity of the project. A lot of detail that goes into building a custom home, and the list of things to consider when building a house is very…

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Building a House in Ontario

One of the biggest milestones and the happiest moments in your life is when you own a house. It’s your place for making memories of a lifetime. Ontario is definitely one of the most charming provinces to have a home in. The province offers the best of what Canadian living has to offer. Many potential…

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Kitchen Renovations Toronto

home builders in toronto

Designing the right kitchen is an important step in home renovations. As one of the most important rooms in your home, a beautifully renovated kitchen will not only meet all your cooking and entertaining needs, but kitchen renovations significantly increase the value of your home. That is why, when you are planning your kitchen remodelling…

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Prefab/ Modular Additions

custom home builders scarborough

Your home is one of the biggest expenses you will ever have. For many homeowners buying a home to spend many happy years in is the ultimate goal. However, as your life changes, your home will not always meet your evolving needs. Prefab home additions are a great way to add more space to your…

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Exterior Home Renovations That Add Value


Are you thinking about embarking on exterior house renovations? Go for it! Your home’s exterior is the first impression people form when they lay eyes on your property. And if you are planning to put your house on the market some time in the future, upgrading your outdoor space by incorporating some fresh exterior house…

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Second Story Additions

amazing house exterior by black pearl custom home

The Toronto housing market is one of the most expensive in Canada. So when you want a larger home, it can be difficult to find something on a budget. That is why a second story addition may be the right solution for your home goals. Black Pearl Custom Homes offers more than 20 years of…

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