Building a Custom Home vs. Spec Home


You’re looking for a building a house in Ontario but can’t decide whether to build a customized home or buy a spec home. It’s essential to consider the differences between the two, as well as how your budget, stage you are at in life, and personality will impact your decision.

What is a custom home?

Building a custom home is a one-of-a-kind property that is designed and built for a specific customer. A bespoke home’s purpose is to realize your vision by collaborating with a builder every step of the way. You have input on the interior design, such as wall paint colours and countertops, in addition to collaborating with the builder on the layout.

What is a spec home?

A spec home, on the other hand, is built to the builder’s specifications. The builder may have a specific target market in mind, such as working couples with children or single individuals, but the spec house can also be designed to appeal to a broad range of buyers. In most cases, purchasers have less control over the blueprint and interior design.

Pros and cons of building a custom home


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Design that is highly adaptable and customizable

The level of control you have over the custom home building is the single largest benefit it has over a spec home. You even have complete control over the positioning of TV outlets, electrical switches, and interior lighting.

Location is completely up to you.

Spec houses, unlike custom homes, are sometimes developed in complexes or communities alongside other spec homes. You have the option of selecting the location. So, if you want to develop near a reputable school, nothing should prevent you from doing so. Do you own a piece of property? You might even construct your own customized house there.



Building a new home from the ground up might take a long time. That implies you’ll have to wait a long before you and your family can move in.

If you have a strong idea of what you want from your custom house, communicating that vision to your builders may take some effort.

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Potential Delays

Project delays are also a distinct possibility. Severe weather may have an impact on the project’s progress. You could be having financial difficulties, or certain construction-related governmental paperwork may be mired in red tape.


The cost to build a house in Ontario is more expensive than a spec home Because of the amount of customization.

Pros and Cons of Building a Spec Home


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Construction is completed quickly.

When a builder puts a spec house on the market, it is nearly always close to completion. Buyers will not have to wait long to begin living in their new home.

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A spec home is generally often less expensive than a comparable-sized custom home. Much of this is due to spec house builders’ perceived higher purchasing power, which allows them to pass on their discounts to purchasers and since the houses are designed according to them.

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Attracting Potential Buyers

Spec houses are easier to sell in the future since they are created with amenities and options that appeal to the ordinary home buyer.

You may pay a visit to the house and see it for yourself.

Unlike custom houses, which must be built from the ground up, spec homes are ready to move into right away. This way, you’ll know precisely what you’re receiving before you make a purchase.


Design Restrictions

The majority of the disadvantages of a spec house revolve around the fact that you, as the potential buyer and owner, have little control over the home’s construction and design.


You won’t have much control over the home’s location, though, because the builder will most likely be building on it when you contemplate buying it.

Builders will try to sell as soon as possible.

Most builders have a number of projects in the works, so they won’t be trying to sell just one home. They may be in a rush to complete your transaction so they may move on to other assignments. So, if you’re still trying to sell your present house, you might want to wait until you’re close to a transaction before looking into a new spec home.

Customized homes allow you to have all sorts of freedom and tailor your home to your family’s exact needs. Contact Black Pearl Homes for a free consultations to start building your own home in Ontario.