Building a House in Ontario

One of the biggest milestones and the happiest moments in your life is when you own a house. It’s your place for making memories of a lifetime. Ontario is definitely one of the most charming provinces to have a home in. The province offers the best of what Canadian living has to offer. Many potential homeowners as well people wanting to upgrade their living experience prefer building a house in Ontario. Many parts of the province offer great facilities for both raising children and retiring, along with offering incredible opportunities to build a career and a sound social circle. If you have decided to settle down and have your own address in Ontario, you have clicked on the right link. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know to have your home in Ontario.

How Long Does It Take to Build a House in Ontario?

Many new homeowners choose to build a home from scratch. It gives them a lot of freedom for crafting an abode best suited for the kind of life they want to lead. Once you decide on the location, area, architect, and gather all the raw materials for the structure, that’s when the building begins. In Ontario, it typically takes 6 to 10 months for building a custom home. However, given the weather conditions in Ontario, expecting a delay of 1 month or a few days is a good way to plan your move into your new place.

What Factors Should Be Considered Before Building a House?

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It’s no doubt that building a home can be an expensive affair. It takes years and years of savings to just buy the land. But with proper planning and budgeting, you can get your dream home without landing in a tricky financial situation. Budgeting is the first thing that should be on your list when you decide on making yourself your dream abode. Having a financial advisor would definitely be of help but keep reading to get started on your finances.

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Choosing Ontario is just the first step of deciding the location. You also need to find out where in Ontario would you like to live. Ottawa, Windsor, and Toronto are popular choices for city-lovers. However, just outside major cities, there are many nice neighborhoods that have a lot of amenities and an enriching lifestyle to offer.



When you decide on buying land and building a home, there are a lot of government approvals that you need. It is important to have all permits and applications submitted and approved before you begin the actual construction work. A good contracting company will guide you and assist you in getting all these permits and approvals.

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The land is the foundation of your home. In years, you might change the structure of your home or renovate the interiors but the land has to sustain it all. This is why it is advised that you build your house on leveled land. In Ontario, it won’t be too tough to find a leveled land. Even if it is not leveled, the right building company will efficiently level the land for you. As a smart homeowner, you should also reach out to the land authority and check if the land has had any encumbrances.

Materials for a variety of aspects of building a custom home


There is no denying the fact that you will require a variety of materials for a variety of aspects of your custom home. While you should select the material after research, recommendations, and awareness of the pros and cons, the general practice is to prioritize the safety, durability, and quality of the materials over the cost.

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Choosing the right builder can be a taxing process. It is not easy to trust just anyone with your dream home that big investment. Along with accessing the portfolio and recommendations of the builder, you should also access the passion levels, professionalism, and other business values of the builder. If you are looking for a trustworthy, highly recommended, and experienced team of builders, Black Pearl Custom Homes is the place for you.

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There is no dearth of inspiration when it comes to the layout of your house. But the key is to best utilize the land you bought and leverage the “custom” aspect to craft a layout that best matches your style and lifestyle and requirements.

Steps to Building a Home in Ontario

Cost of building home in Ontario

1. Establish Budget

Establishing a budget is undoubtedly one of the first steps to build a house. There are many sub-steps you take while establishing a budget. Here are the two major ones:

  • How to Make Your Budget: The amount you end up paying for your custom home is calculated in square feet. In Ontario, you can pay anything between $140 to $400 per square foot. Depending on the style, material, and layout, you can also pay $600 or above. This also depends on what area, city, town, or county you are planning to build your home in. It is best to have the expense financed in monthly installments for a period of time. All in all, your house should cost 25-30% of your monthly income.
  • Determine the Costs Involved: You should set a realistic budget for everything involved in building your home. From land, layout, to labor, and moving in expenditures. You should also set out a miscellaneous budget for expenditures you weren’t expecting but still want to be prepared for. It is always recommended to take a higher margin so that there are no surprises.
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2. Purchase Land

You should definitely look around before you buy the land. You should access the walking score, the neighborhood, the nearest hospital, schools, and other amenities you may need daily or in emergencies. You should also check how the location is during all weather conditions. It is best to make an appointment with people who live in the neighborhood to get first-hand information on how the locality is. Hiring a consultant is another wise thing to do. If you find land that matches all your desires, you should buy it quickly yet satisfactorily.

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3. Find A Builder

Once the decision has been made on having a house a budget has been set, it is time to hire a builder. At Black Pearl Custom Homes, the moto is to cover all steps of the building process and achieve a truly custom home that captures your desires.

  • Building Permits and House Plans – When you hire a builder, you shouldn’t have to worry about where to start while receiving permits. With Black Pearl Custome Homes, you don’t have to worry about chasing paperwork. You will get all the help you need for acquiring building permits. You will also get house plans so you are well informed and have a sound idea of how your new home will look.
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  • Zoning Laws – Zoning laws in Ontario are fairly straightforward but there may be some nuances that your builder can identify and acknowledge in the process. More often than not, zoning laws help enhance the value of your property.
  • Architects – Depending on the company you hire and the intensity of the project, you may get one architect, a contractor, and then the construction workers. You may also get a team of architects working on the layout of your new home.
  • Choose Your Finishes – Finishing touches enhance the aesthetics and the value of your home. Just like the material, the layout, and the design, you should put enough thought into the finishes of your home. While high-sheen finishes still remain popular, there are a variety of others that you can choose from. Finishes also include pipes, roofing, railings, etc.
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4. Design Your Home

You must have already done a lot of manifesting for your dream home in your mind. Once you take the first step to building a house, it’s time to imagine (and sometimes to reimagine) the idea at a design level. Involve your builder and describe your desires clearly. You can also collect inspiration, make a vision board or a mood board so your builder understands your vision more authentically. You can also ask for your builder’s recommendation to suit your preferences.

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5. Participate In The Process

Once the work begins, visit the construction site from time to time. This will not only reassure you about the building process but will also help you estimate the completion of the project and communicate with the team effectively.

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6. Communicate Clearly And Work Cooperatively

Right from the design stage to the final day of construction, you must communicate with your builder clearly. It is always good to ask questions, answer questions, and ensure that you and your builder are aligned at all levels. When it comes to timelines, unexpected delays, or any other issues, the builder and the customer should work cooperatively to overcome these issues are resume to smooth working and completion of the home.

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7. Move-In

Once your home is ready, it’s time to move in a step into the new phase of your life. If you plan to move just days after the construction is completed, you should be careful and look out for wet paints and polish. Do not drag heavy furniture on the floor, especially if it is a wooden floor. Now is the time to turn this house into a home. Make it your own with paintings, home decor, photographs, and everything that says “you”. Don’t forget to reminiscence the building process and celebrate this accomplishment.

At Black Pearl Custom Homes, we want to be a part of your joy of building a home. We bring honesty with expertise and superior quality. So if you have decided to get your own address, contact our team today, and let’s build a beautiful home together.