Custom Home Trends to Look for 2024

It’s that time again when we begin to look to what home décor trends we can expect to take off in the new year. So if you’re planning to make some cosmetic or practical upgrades to your home in 2024, you may be interested in what features, colours, and textures will be in style in the coming year. Breathe new life into your home with these awesome interior design trends for 2024.

Set yourself up for success with a bright and cheery home office you enjoy being in. A comfortable desk and chair are a must. The desk should be a good size to give you plenty of working space and your chair should be the right height. Keep the room minimalistic to prevent clutter.

Combining wood elements with gray creates a classic and timeless look. Adding creative detail to hardware like desk handles is a subtle detail that adds to the room’s appeal.

A powder room that wows

Gold is an excellent accent colour to use in your powder room. It adds an element of royalty and sophistication to the space. Consider gold for mirror rim, the faucet, toilet paper holder and towel bars, and contrast it with a dark navy accent.

A camouflage/flush floor vent blends well with the room without being obvious. Also consider installing a tiled vanity wall that rises from the floor to the ceiling and a detailed slat vanity cabinet.

Double sided fireplace

A double-sided fireplace is one of our trending interior design features that is so 2024. Not only are they a beauty to behold, but they are also a more energy-efficient model. Cozy up to a double-sided fireplace that forms an excellent focal point.

These types of fireplaces warm up both sides of the room and are great for open-concept layouts. Experience a level of sophistication this fireplace brings to a room and the ambiance it creates.

Full wall tiled fireplace

Let’s talk about how stunning a fireplace tiled from the floor to the ceiling can be. It immediately draws attention to the space and is an excellent way to play up your fireplace. This is one of the top architectural design trends 2024 has to offer.

We recommend going with tile or natural stone. For an even more stunning look, use stone with texture. The beauty of this feature is that it compliments just about any interior design.

Floating staircase

Glide down the steps with grace and style with this sophisticated floating staircase that will have you feeling like you’re walking on clouds. A floating staircase makes the room look bigger and is perfect for a minimalistic or open-concept design.

A glass railing further gives the illusion of more space or consider using a black metal handrail to contrast the rich brown stain on the stairs. Match the colour you use here with the colour used on other hardware in the room.

Classic wrought iron pickets

Wrought iron pickets are the way to go. They can turn any staircase into a glorious sight and are great way to give a traditional staircase a modern touch. They complement just about any interior design your home has.

One of the best things about wrought iron railing is that it is ideal for most households, particularly young families. One way to make this feature even more trendy is to add a carpet runner for increased safety.

Flush under cabinet strip lighting

Many homeowners are looking for smart ways to creatively increase lighting in their kitchens. Well, one of the kitchen trends in 2024 is adding strip lighting underneath the kitchen cabinets. This illuminates the countertops and makes it much easier to see well as you work in the kitchen.

This is one of the house trends that are great for contemporary kitchen designs. Experts recommend that you add layers of light to create different effects on the room.

Modern spa

Get lost in a beautifully designed bathroom that allows you to escape from your cares as you soak in a freestanding tub. Add a walk-in shower to give yourself a choice between a relaxing bath or a rejuvenating shower. Opting for a large frameless glass shower enhances the modern look.

Consider using shades of black with intricate detail to further enhance the space. The black will look great on shower door handles and hinges, shower fixtures, shower jamb, floor tiles, etc.

Checkered entryway

Create some excitement as soon as you enter your home with a checkered entryway. This is a throwback to 1950s diners across America. In Europe, checkered flooring was extremely popular in the 15th century. This look has made a comeback and is one of the top home design trends to look for in 2024.

Checkered entryways are a winner for contemporary designs. The geometric pattern adds character to the space and can give your home a fun detail that impresses.

Functional entryway

A lot of activity happens in your entry hallway. As a high-traffic area, we recommend making your entry hallway more convenient to remove outdoor clothing by making the entryway more functional for everyone.

Add seating so it’s easier to put on or remove shoes in a comfortable manner. We also suggest installing custom closets that match the rest of your home decor to keep things organized in your entryway.


Finding ways to incorporate natural light into your home contributes to its energy efficiency. The more natural light flowing into your home means the less you’ll rely on artificial lighting and save on your utilities.

A skylight is a perfect way to create a focal point in your stairwell or staircase and also is an additional way to connect to the natural world outside. Skylights are definitely among new home trends and are a feature you should consider in 2024.

Matching slabs

Have you considered matching your backsplash to your kitchen counters and kitchen island? It may be a larger investment, but this is one of the kitchen trends in 2024. A uniform look that flows from your kitchen island to countertops and backsplash creates a cohesive flow throughout your kitchen space.

The key to doing this successfully is finding a style that will not overwhelm the room. Also be careful not to combine too many patterns.

Matching appliance hardware to rest of kitchen hardware

We just talked about how matching countertop, backsplash, and kitchen island slabs to create a unique look. Well, you can achieve another stunning look by matching similar colours and styles of your appliance hardware with the rest of your kitchen.

This brings out your colour scheme beautifully. The power of minor detail cannot be overstated. Create consistency in your kitchen look with matching colour. You’ll be amazed at how much impact this small detail will make in your kitchen.

Exposed beams

One of the things people love about a rustic theme is that it gives a room a natural and organic look and feel. The same can be said about exposed beams. Having this feature visible can create a farmhouse look and is an architectural detail perfect for contemporary designs and goes well with many other interior designs.

That’s the reason why exposed beams makes it to our list of top design trends for 2024.

Statement entryway closet

Gone are the days when you walked into the home and the first thing you noticed were mirrored closets. Statement closets are in and create a stunning first impression. The entryway to your home is a big deal. It’s the first space people notice when they walk in and sets the tone for the rest of the home.

Make your entryway closet stand out using colorful patterns and textured surfaces. Consider using natural elements that match the rest of your home’s decor.

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Classic white kitchens

White is a classic and timeless colour, and there’s so much to love about it. It’s clean and crisp and has the power to mesmerize, which is why it is a top colour option for modern kitchens. The key to successfully pulling off an all-white kitchen is paying attention to the details.

Add some character using texture e.g. tiles for your backsplash. The all-white look gives your kitchen a cohesive look and draws light into the room.

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Solid wood doors

Solid wood has been the material of choice for exterior doors for centuries because it offers great durability and style. Today, solid wood doors are still the most popular type of exterior door. Upgrading your exterior door for a wooden option is so 2024.

There are different solid woods to choose from like pine, white oak, red oak, teak, maple, etc. The type of wood you select will influence the look of the door.

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Brick fireplace mantle

There is something so organic and natural about a brick fireplace mantle. Installing brick around the fireplace from the floor to the ceiling allows you to create a warm and classic look that is perfect for any kind of home design.

It easily creates a breathtaking focal point and effortlessly combines an elegant and rustic look ideal for contemporary homes. Go with a lighter tone to complement a wooden floor or opt for a deeper colour to create a nice contrast.

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Kitchen servery or Butler’s pantry

Another feature that is resurfacing and causing quite a stir as far as interior design trends are concerned is a Butler’s pantry/kitchen servery. This is a designated space between the kitchen and the dining room that is used to serve food, prepare drinks, or store serving-related kitchenware.

It’s sometimes referred to as a food counter or canteen and serves as a transitional room. Consider incorporating one into your home and fit it with custom cabinetry.

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Fireplace in Master Ensuite

Fire and water don’t usually go well together, except when they are in your master ensuite. What better way to experience double the luxury than to soak and relax in your tub and in front of a fireplace? It’s the perfect way to enjoy ultimate relaxation.

Not only does this do wonders for your senses, but having a fireplace in your master bath is an energy-efficient solution because the fireplace warms up the room.

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Open shelves in the kitchen

Many traditional kitchen cabinets are designed to conceal your stored kitchenware and cookware. Traditional cabinets with doors can look bulky and make your kitchen look smaller. New home trends are redefining indoor spaces. Embrace the idea of open shelves in your kitchen.

Traditional cabinets often end up being a place where random items are stored and often become cluttered over time. This won’t happen with open shelving in your kitchen. It is simple, minimalistic and promotes an open-concept design.

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Floor-to-ceiling staircase wainscoting

One of the benefits of wainscoting is that it creates an interesting element in any room it is installed in. And for rooms that are conservative in space, wainscoting is a leading home décor trends that has the ability to make walls or ceilings look higher.

Placed in your staircase, wainscoting can be that detail that adds so much to the space. Instead of having a plane wall, dress up your wall with some wainscoting that creates some excitement.

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Custom marble sink for powder room

A custom marble sink is just what your powder room needs to give an awesome first impression. This is one of the top interior design trends right now. Since powder rooms are the most visible bathrooms in your home, they should be designed with guests in mind.

Upgrade your powder room with marble and make it even more timeless with some gold accents. Since you won’t need much storage, opt for a wall-mounted sink or a pedestal sink.

Custom living room with built in TV design

Wainscoting TV wall

A wall-mounted TV is a staple in many modern homes. Adding wainscoting to the TV wall in one of the growing home décor trends. It creates substantial visual appeal to your living room. The details are subtle enough not to become a distraction but to add so much character to the room.

This is a great feature that can work perfectly in just about any home decor style. Wall-mounted TVs are in and here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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Larger kitchen islands for entertaining

Kitchens have evolved from being a place dedicated to food preparation to a space where family and friends gather around and create lasting memories. Make your kitchen more accommodating for entertainment purposes. A large kitchen island can do the trick.

Add more seating so the kitchen island can serve as a table where family can eat together and it can also be a place where friends gather to keep the chef entertained while he or she cooks.

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Stone vessel sink

Stone is a powerful material in interior design. It gives the space a natural look and can create beautiful fixtures. Stone vessel sinks are a trend because they are luxurious and are a natural element that is welcoming and gives your bathroom a spa-esque quality.

The beauty of stone is that it can create unique pieces based on the type of stone it is. As a durable material, you can count on your stone vessel sink to last a long time.

Let’s Start Your 2024 Custom Home Renovations

One of the fun things about owning a home is that you have the opportunity to switch things up from time to time and keep your home looking fresh and trendy. With these design trends on the horizon, you can implement features into your home that keep it looking stylish and modern. We’re happy to help you discover even more trending décor ideas for your home. Contact us and let’s get started!