Exterior Home Renovations That Add Value


Are you thinking about embarking on exterior house renovations? Go for it! Your home’s exterior is the first impression people form when they lay eyes on your property. And if you are planning to put your house on the market some time in the future, upgrading your outdoor space by incorporating some fresh exterior house renovation ideas can make all the difference.

There’s so much value in investing in your yard. Not just for your enjoyment, but also to enhance your home’s curb appeal which will pay off exponentially. Did you know that some home exterior renovations can increase the value of your home by more than 15 percent? That sets you up to make a greater profit should you decide to sell your home in the future. Exterior features like a swimming pool, fire pit or outdoor patio are great additions to consider for your home. 

Here are some excellent ideas for exterior home renovations to upgrade your home exterior:


Replace garage doors

Many people underestimate the appeal of a quality garage door. Your garage door is more than a security feature that keeps your car safe at night, it also has incredible aesthetic value. The right garage door can give your home an entirely new look that makes its appeal skyrocket. Investing in a new garage door is definitely worth the cost.


Replace the front door

Few people think about replacing their front door unless there is some major issue with it. Yes, front doors are built to last a long time, but replacing your front door with a more popular type and style can make a big difference and result in more dollars when you sell. Modern front doors come with a heap of benefits like increased energy efficiency, durability and appeal. Swap out your front door for one that makes a statement. You’ll be glad you did since replacing your front door can give you up to a cool 75 percent return on interest.


Improve landscape

A luscious lawn and a well-designed landscape can give your home a competitive edge like nothing else. And that’s what you want when you’re showing our home. Potential homeowners love to see a yard that is well manicured. Look for various ways to revamp your landscape and include some alluring focal points. Some ideas to consider are adding a natural flagstone walkway, flowering shrubs or water feature.


Fix the exterior

Whether you live in an older home or a newer one, there are usually some exterior repairs that can be done to brush up the exterior walls and structures. It may seem like an expensive and cumbersome endeavor, but doing some patchwork to the exterior siding of your home is often far more affordable than people think. Focus mainly on the front of your house because that is the section that gets the most attention.


Add a deck

Installing an attached or detached deck to your home encourages quality time outdoors that can be spent entertaining friends, grilling or simply basking in the sun. One of the advantages of a deck is that it increases the square footage of your home. You can go with a wooden deck or choose a composite one. It’s undeniable that homes with wooden decks have increased value, so consider adding one to your home.


Install a backyard patio

A backyard patio is an excellent addition to your outdoor living space. You can host parties with friends or enjoy meals outdoors with just the family when the weather is nice. With an ROI of about 70 percent, the increase in the value of your home is well worth the investment.


Install an outdoor kitchen

This is one of the most coveted modern living features that appeal to home buyers. An outdoor kitchen takes cooking to a whole new level and allows family members to enjoy their outdoor space while preparing food. You don’t have to be extravagant with your outdoor kitchen. Have the basics like an inset grill, stainless steel drawers, a sink, countertop space and ice chest, and you’re good to go!


Add outdoor lighting

Exterior lights can amp up the security of your home by deterring robbers. In addition, outdoor lighting creates an enchanted vibe to your yard, making your home’s exterior look even better.

Exterior renovations can be just what your home needs to give it the allure that will draw potential buyers. Hire custom home builders like Black Pearl Custom Homes to transform your outdoor space into a vision of beauty.