Custom Home Exterior Remodelling Ideas

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The outside of your home is the first thing people see and you want it to leave a lasting impression. Exterior house remodelling not only enhances the curb appeal to your property, but it also reverses the signs of aging and weather damage. As a result, remodelling your house on the outside enhances its overall value in addition to improving its appearance.

There are many house remodelling ideas you can implement to improve the look and function of the exterior of your property. These top home remodelling ideas are guaranteed to make the outside of your place look great:

1. Upgrading the Exterior Façade

Changing the façade of your home is one of the best ways to improve the look of your place. Replacing old, outdated siding makes your home look better while protecting its exterior walls.

One of the more durable and popular materials used in outside wall covering is fibre cement siding. Fibre cement is a versatile material that comes in a variety of colours and styles. This durable siding product does not crack or break away like vinyl or stucco, so it not only looks great but protects your property from bugs, rodents, and tough weather. Precast concrete elements can be used to decorate your exterior quickly, cost efficiently and with high durability material.

2. Paint Your Doors and Trims

Adding a bold colour to your front door or window trims is one of the trendier exterior remodelling ideas. Vibrant reds, purples, blues, and greens are the top painting picks for giving your exterior doors and trims a splash of colour.

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3. Add New Windows

Windows are another essential feature of your home. Upgrading your windows with bigger, more stylish glass panes drastically improves the look of your place and protects the inside of your home from air escaping.

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4. Add a Front Porch

Today, many people look for houses with a front porch. Porches not only add to your living space, but they improve the exterior aesthetic of your home and increase its value. Front porch designs vary in size and style. Once the addition is built, you can enjoy the room by adding furniture, lighting, plants, and décor to your liking.

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5. Install a Fence

At a time when people feel like they need more privacy, a fenced yard is a great yet simple home remodelling idea. If you have a fence already installed, consider upgrading or painting it to improve the look of your property. If you do not have a fence, adding one around your yard as part of your house remodelling project gives you privacy and adds to its value.

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6. Repaving Your Driveway

When well-maintained, a contemporary driveway adds beauty to your home. However, an unkempt, damaged parking pad can be a real eyesore. As part of your exterior remodelling ideas, repave or replace your parking area if it’s too damaged or outdated.

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Building Permit for Exterior Renovation

From a legal standpoint, you can make small changes to your houses exterior as long as they don’t drastically change its appearance. However, many home exterior makeovers require a building permit before you can start the job.

As part of your planning, contact your city officials to make sure you have all the permits required to complete your exterior home renovations. And if you think your time is better to be spent on other things, hire professional exterior renovation company for quick results and best quality.