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Get the best investment available today by adding extra space to your home. Home Additions is by far the best return you could make in the GTA, and homeowners in Toronto request home additions all over the city including in Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough. Today, Black Pearl Custom Homes is ready to undertake your home addition project in Etobicoke.

Our experience goes a long way with 20 years of home addition building. Black Pearl custom homes offers home additions such as room extensions, second-floor additions, top of the garage additions and back of house additions. Our experienced team and general contractors in Toronto build homes with complete tear downs as well as home additions from the first floor up. We build with precision, quality and care.

Home Additions in Etobicoke

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Etobicoke typically has bungalows over 30 years old. The most interesting part about Toronto is the rise of the housing market value. It is growing gradually in Etobicoke and homeowners want to maintain the property. To receive the best in your home, home additions bring absolute value and a high return on investment when doubling up the square footage of your home. Real-estate reports show gradual slope for the next five years.

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How Long Does It Take to Build a Home Addition in Etobicoke?

Home additions typically take 5 to 6 months to build. The process of acquiring permits in Toronto is slower than in other regions; however, it is still quite fast to receive a permit to start building. Home additions can be done all seasons, so no winter can affect your home building so that by summer it is completed.

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The Process for Home Additions in Etobicoke

Black Pearl Custom Homes have designers and engineers in house. Thus, the process is to start your conversation with our designers so that you can tell us about your vision for your home addition projects. Questions such as how many rooms would you like? How many bathrooms? Laundry upstairs? And much more. So the process really begins by noting down all the ideas so that we don’t miss anything before we start building your home addition in Etobicoke.

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The Value of Home Additions in Etobicoke

From the reports of the homeowners we built for in the past, two storey houses are better to sell than bungalows. Homeowners who decide to buy a new home do not want to go through the hassle of building a second-floor addition, so they choose to invest ahead of time in a home that is already built. For bungalow homeowners in Etobicoke, if you want to double the price of your home, build a second-floor addition. Home additions are one of the best ways to make money and return on investment.

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Home Addition Cost

The Cost of Home Additions in Etobicoke

A home addition in Etobicoke can cost anything the homeowner desires. For high-end neighborhoods, it is better to invest more into the home additions, for the mid range it is better to invest mid range. That being said, on average, a home addition is anywhere between $150-250 per square foot. Unless some special requests and add-ons are not typical of a home addition, the construction cost per square foot is the same in most homes. For higher end residential homes, the cost per square foot is $250-$450 per square foot.

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Add the Space You Want with A Home Addition in Etobicoke

Now it’s time to add the space you desire in your home. May it be a second-floor addition, back of house additions, room additions or anything you desire. Black Pearl Custom Homes offer a quick and easy way to begin your home addition. We plan ahead of time, and we take into consideration every aspect of your build. Grab your house and expand it. Black Pearl Custom Homes will help you get the space you need.

Contact Our Home Addition Specialists in Etobicoke

Home Addition Specialists in Etobicoke

Call Black Pearl Custom Homes with your home addition requirements, or fill in the contact form below with your information. Black Pearl Custom Homes is a valued member of Tarion and our builders have built dozens of home additions in many select areas in Toronto such as The Beaches, Forest Hill, Davisville, York Mills, Yorkville, Annex, Rosedale, Port Union, Don Mills, Willowdale, Newtonbrook and much more.

Call us or email us to book an appointment with our Toronto general contractors. We are insured, Trusted and we will help you achieve your home additions goals in a cost effective way.