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Lawrence, Sheppard, Finch, Steeles, Leslie, Bayview, Yonge, Bathurst, Keele – If you’re looking to invest into your house and you have a bungalow, it is time to build up your second-floor addition. Black Pearl Custom Homes has over five current developments in the North York Area and we are building even more traction over the last few years. Home Additions is our specialty and if your house is in the North York area you’re in for a special treat.

General Contractors, Engineers, designers and full time contractors are at your service under one hat, one team at Black Pearl Custom Homes. We have over 20 years of experience building home additions and custom houses in the Greater Toronto Area, and few of our most exclusive homes are located in North York. We offer homeowners looking for home additions more than 100% customer satisfaction. We offer the best workmanship and quality work.

Many homeowners in North York love the neighborhood they live in, and hence, they don’t want to move elsewhere. North York typically has bungalows that are over 30 years old and it is definitely possible to build up that second floor to make the house look brand new without a complete tear down. Black Pearl custom homes has worked with dozens of projects in the area and we know what it takes to bring up your second floor, top of garage room, house extension and more.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Home Addition in North York?

Home Addition in North York

A home addition typically takes approximately 5-6 months to build from start to finish. Permits are much easier to acquire than complete custom builds and the process to begin is straight forward. There is no seasonal builds as we can build in winter time as well. However it is important to consider that initiating the process of planning and drawing your second floor may take some time and effort, hence, beginning as soon as possible is the time to begin.

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Home Addition by Black Pearl Toronto

The Process for Home Additions in North York

As mentioned before, planning and drawing the plans is the first step to beginning your home addition in North York. Black Pearl Custom Homes has designers to properly assess your home and to ensure that the structural build is exactly as desired. We also have in-house employees that will help you with your finishing. Questions will be asked and noted down so that we have an idea as per how many bedrooms you’d like, how many bathrooms, laundry up top? And much more. Call us today to start your planning and drawing of your home addition in North York. 3D modeling is available.

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The Value of Home Additions in North York

Homes in North have grown gradually in value over the years and bungalows in North York are now beginning to fulfil the need for a second floor. Our team too has investments all over the region including York Mills, Yorkville, Willowdale, Newtonbrook and more. We know the value of homes in North York and we encourage those who desire for a home addition build to call us for a free, no obligation assessment of your home. Black Pearl Custom Homes works with Real Estate agents in the area and has reports on the growing market in North York. For the next 5 years there will be likely an increase in resale value for two storey homes, and many more custom homes are beginning to take shape. Thus, this is a good time to invest into a home addition in North York.

Home Addition Cost North York

The Cost of Home Additions in North York

For typical homes in North York area, custom home additions can cost anywhere between $200-250 per square foot. However in higher residential areas such as York Mills, homes go above $300-350 per square foot. The construction costs may vary from house to house as per finishing requirements. For example you require electric heating throughout the whole second floor; it is obviously going to be higher in price than the standard hardwood floor with no heating. Thus, the price per square foot really varies as per your finishing wants. It is important to however get everything right before the job has started so that everything will be fulfilled.

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Add the Space You Want with A Home Addition in North York

North York is by far the best for home addition investments. But moreover, a beautiful add-on to your home to whether you’re accommodating a guest or creating a room for a newborn. Black Pearl Custom Homes will take your home addition in North York to a whole new level. We have the tools and experience to make your home building experience the best possible. We guarantee your 100% customer satisfaction and we encourage you to visit our construction sites to see how we build prior to you beginning building your project. We are open for discussions and we can help you budget your home addition in North York. Financing options are also available.

Contact Professional Home Addition Contractors in North York

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Call out general contractors at Black Pearl Custom Homes with your custom home addition requirements. Feel free to fill out the contact form below if you desire. Black Pearl Custom Homes is a long valued member of Tarion and our builders have dozens of home additions in high-end residential areas in Toronto such as The Beaches, Forest Hill, Davisville, York Mills, Yorkville, Annex, Rosedale, Port Union, Don Mills, Willowdale, Newtonbrook and much more.

Call us today or email us to book an appointment with our Toronto general contractors & custom home builders. We are insured, trusted in the GTA, and we will help you achieve your home additions goals in a cost effective way.