Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid


Are you thinking of a kitchen renovation? There are two main reasons homeowners decide to do this. 

First, they want to create their dream kitchen because the kitchen is the hub of the home where made memories are made and meals are shared. You want it to look amazing and have a nice atmosphere. 
The second is to increase the value of your home at sale time and that’s never been more important with the Greater Toronto Area being one of the world’s hottest real estate markets. 

The team at Black Pearl Custom Homes has put together this list of top kitchen remodel mistakes to avoid. And if you’re still not sure what to do, our design experts are standing by to help every step of the way.


Forgetting Workflow

When you’re designing a new kitchen layout, you never want to forget the workflow for when you’re preparing and cooking meals. A good rule to follow is the “work triangle” model. Think about your kitchen’s three most-used stations: The sink, the stove and the fridge. Visualize how you’ll move between these three areas while you’re cooking and ensure that your new kitchen layout allows you to work as efficiently as possible.


Not Planning For Storage

Think about all the little details when it comes to those handy storage features you don’t know how you’d ever live without, such as lazy Susans, drawer organizers and pullouts for your pantry. These are the key features you need to maximize your kitchen’s storage efficiency. Also, it’s better to think of these elements during the design phase because it will be nearly impossible, or at least very expensive, to add these things on later in the game.


Not Enough Lighting

Kitchen lighting design is very important and there are two main types of lighting you’ll need:  Ambient light and task-oriented light are both equally important but serve different purposes. Too much ambient light and your kitchen will be blindingly bright and not a pleasant place to work in. If you go with soft ambient light, then you’ll need to make sure fixtures like pot lights are properly placed so you can see your work area adequately and there aren’t any shadows. Under Cabinet lighting is not only very stylish but highly recommended. 


Not Enough Counter Space

Don’t miss your opportunity to add the perfect amount of counter space for all of your food prep needs. Are you an avid chef or baking master? You’ll want to maximize your counter space to increase productivity and efficiency. Incorporate decorative brackets and other supports jutting out from your kitchen island or main cabinetry to give you a few extra inches of that beautiful slate or marble countertop you picked out personally. Treat yourself to more counter space and you’ll never regret it. 


Island Design and Location

Kitchen islands are an amazing feature for any kitchen if you have the right amount of space for it. Just make sure you don’t make it too big or too small. Make sure it compliments your work triangle. Also, decide if you want to save even more space by incorporating a dishwasher and a cooktop into your island’s design.


Forgetting The Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash isn’t just decorative, it’s essential for protecting kitchen walls from grease splatters and other cooking-related messes. There’s always a wide range of colours, patterns and styles available for backsplashes, but designers will recommend to keep things neutral. This way, the look remains timeless and you won’t feel forced to change the backsplash to match changing trends.


Choosing Appliances Last

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the end of the kitchen renovation to pick out your fridge, stove and dishwasher. Picking out your appliances at the beginning of your renovation journey will allow you to pick cabinetry that goes well with the appliance colours and more importantly, allows you to build cabinets and countertops that fit properly around these appliances.


Forgetting Your Budget

When you’re coming up with a financial plan for your kitchen renovation, it’s essential to decide what features are going to be most important to you. The most important features will in turn receive the bulk of your budget. Always plan for some overages because anything can happen during a renovation. For example, you might discover during the demolition phase that some additional plumbing or wiring is needed to meet your needs.


Forgetting The Entire House Design

It’s hard to divide your focus from a kitchen renovation to other parts of the home, but you need to consider other rooms on the same floor, especially if you have an open concept home. Think about flooring, door handles and paint colours and how all of these design elements play together.


Making Impulsive Design Decisions

Just because a piece of tile or a cabinet door looks great in the showroom at your local store, it doesn’t mean that it will still look good in your home. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples that you can set up in your home and live with for a few days. Observe how these materials look in different types of natural and artificial light. Taking this extra step could save you some huge headaches!

Hire The Pros!

Undertaking a kitchen renovation on your own can be a stressful process and that’s why hiring a kitchen remodelling professional is always the best option. From design and demolition to materials buying and installation, they take care of all the leg work for you so you aren’t worried about scheduling and searching for the best deals on supplies. 

Black Pearl Custom Homes is your one-stop shop for kitchen renovation services including design, project management and all the finishing touches. We’ll work with any kind of budget and we’ll work with our network of trusted suppliers to find exactly what you desire. Contact us today for a free consultation.