Myths About Custom Homes

To most individuals, the idea of having a custom home built – one with all of the finishes, formats, and fine details you’ve dreamt about – seems completely out of reach. Due primarily to the misinformation spread about custom homes and the misconception that only a select lucky few will ever be able to obtain one, most buyers won’t even bother to explore their custom home options. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the most common myths surrounding custom home development, and explain why the home of your dreams may not be as out of reach as you initially anticipated.


Below are seven of the most common custom home myths and misconceptions that you’ll hear while exploring the space. Hopefully, you’ll leave this article feeling far more comfortable and confident in your home-building prospects than you did upon arrival, and if you don’t, our team is always around and happy to help.

Custom home misconception

1. I Have to Be Rich to Afford a Custom Home

Many individuals believe that custom home development is exclusively for the rich and wealthy. Because most of the custom homes seen in advertisements or on television are grandiose, it can be easy to assume that no ordinary individual would ever be able to afford the luxury of a custom build. That said, a custom home is only as expensive as you make it. Development costs will vary immensely depending on a wide range of factors, including house size, finishes, details, amenities, and more.

Whether you’re operating on a modest budget or an endless one, there are custom home options available that will allow you to see the house of your dreams come to life.

Beautiful custom home Oakville

2. It’s Hard to Find a Custom Home that Matches My Style

Due to the endless options available for custom home building, it can be easy to overwhelm yourself with build styles and prevent any meaningful progress from happening. The reality is, you aren’t a home builder or designer, and you should leave the difficult task of designing and building your home to the professionals. By working with a quality architect, interior designer, and builder, you’ll be able to determine the specific home style you want – with all of the unique features you need – and do so with expert support each step of the way.

Custom home myth

3. There Is a Long Wait Time for Custom Homes

If you’re in the market for a home today, it can be difficult to think about having to wait an additional year or two before moving into your new space. Thankfully, there are more custom home builders out there now than ever before, and with proper research and contact, you should have no trouble finding an expert team that is willing to begin on your project immediately.

Amazing custom home

4. Customized Houses Don’t Last as Long or Hold up Well Over Time

There’s a belief in some circles that customized homes won’t hold up as well over time as production homes (think subdivisions where all homes look the same) due to the nature of their specific plan & build process. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Because of the heightened focus a custom home receives throughout the design and construction process, they are better suited than any to stand the test of time.

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5. I Don’t Know What I Want in My Dream Home, so There’s No Point in Looking Into Custom Homes

Just because you don’t currently have a clear image of the custom home you’d like to create, it doesn’t mean that the option of building a custom home should be completely off the table. With the support of a professional designer and architect, you’ll be able to draft home samples that inspire what will become the finished product. Although you may not have thought specifically about what your dream home is meant to look like, you certainly have an idea of the styles you love.

custom home with luxury backyard and deck - Black Pearl custom homes

6. I Have to Purchase a Lot Before I Hire a Builder

Finding a lot that is zoned correctly and bears the proper layout for the custom home you’re hoping to build sounds like a nightmare. Thankfully, there’s absolutely no reason to think that you need to purchase a lot prior to hiring a custom home builder. Once you’ve begun working with a builder, you can outline to them the type of land you’re looking for (in a forest, on water, acreage, etc.) and the budget you’d like to maintain, and they’ll take care of finding a lot that is suitable for the build. Thanks to their deep understanding of the industry and comprehensive network, finding a piece of land to develop your dream home on will be an absolute breeze.

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7. Building a Custom Home Takes Too Long

There is a common misconception that custom home development takes a long time when the reality is that the builder you select will determine how long the project truly takes. When using quality builders who are experienced in the custom home development space, you can expect the process from foundation pouring to move-in day to take no longer than 6-9 months. With builders who are less experienced and unprofessional, that process can extend to upwards of 1.5-2 years. In order to ensure that you’re receiving a high-quality finished product in a timely manner, you’re going to want to seriously vet your home builder options.

Black Pearl Custom Home has been specializing in custom home design, development, and renovations throughout the Greater Toronto Area for over 20-years. With our team, you can expect to receive a dedicated project manager, fixed pricing guarantee, the highest quality materials possible, and a custom home that is completed on time and within budget. Whether you’re just beginning your research in the custom home development space or you’re ready to dive into a build, contact our team today to set up a free consultation and learn more about our services, processes, and pricing.