Precast Concrete for Your House’s Exterior

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Are you looking to embark on a new construction project? Then give precast concrete designs a try! Not only are they durable and aesthetically versatile; using prefab concrete in your project can also significantly reduce construction time and expenses.

The Precast Concrete Advantage

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Improved Quality Control

As opposed to standard concrete that is poured onsite, precast concrete is prefabricated in a factory environment. This means that the key factors that affect the quality of the materials, such as mix design, formwork, temperature, and curing, can be carefully monitored throughout the entire production process.

Dimensional accuracy and the correct position of reinforcement can also be checked before sending the piece to the construction. Similar levels of quality control are practically impossible to achieve on site.

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Who said concrete should only be dull and grey?

With a variety of prefab concrete textures and colors available to choose from, your creativity is the limit. Even materials like brick, stone, and granite can be simulated with casting.
From small architectural details to big infrastructure projects, from exterior wall panels to structural frames and cladding – precast concrete can adopt practically any function and any aesthetic you have in mind.

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Cost and Time-Efficiency

In construction, time is money. Using prefabricated concrete in your project is a sure way to cut down expenses.

Both types of precast concrete products (standard and specialty) are manufactured offsite, which allows for a simplified construction process.

Precast element production can be started, even if the construction site is still under survey or earthworks. Furthermore, when the concrete elements are delivered to the site, they are all set for immediate installation.

Because most of the precast concrete products’ development process is done in a factory, the labor costs are reduced as well. Even concrete walls price will be way lower if you go with precasting.

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Made of natural raw materials such as gravel, sand, stone, and cement, precast concrete offers numerous sustainability benefits – during and after the construction process.

Known for its durability, prefab concrete can withstand rain, wind damage, natural disasters, insects and mold better than any other building material.

Concrete also has the ability to store temperature better, so you will need less energy to heat or cool your home.

And when the time comes, concrete elements can be completely recycled; meaning that the environmental footprint of this material is minimal.

Precast Concrete: a Viable Option for Your Property

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Although concrete isn’t commonly used in construction, it’s becoming a popular choice exterior renovation. If you’re looking to make a worthwhile investment and upgrade your property, consider precast concrete. Consult a professional renovation expert to learn more about concrete options.

Here you have them, the top advantages of precast concrete for your property. What are your thoughts? Will you be using it for your next construction project?

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