Prefab/ Modular Additions

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Your home is one of the biggest expenses you will ever have. For many homeowners buying a home to spend many happy years in is the ultimate goal. However, as your life changes, your home will not always meet your evolving needs. Prefab home additions are a great way to add more space to your current home.

When you outgrow your current home, upsizing to a newer house isn’t always the best option. If you like your home, neighbourhood, or location, selling your current house for a more suitable one could inconvenience other areas of your life. Modular additions for existing homes offer the perfect solution for adding more room to your current property.

What is a Prefabricated Addition?

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Prefab additions are rooms or add-ons that are made off site and transported to your location where they are reassembled. Prefabricated home additions can be installed as a separate unit like a guest house, garage, or pool house, or they can be added to the top or side of your home to increase the size of your main structure.

Prefab Vs Home Additions

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Prefab and home additions are very similar in that both extensions add extra space and rooms to your current dwelling. However, there are also several differences between the two.

Prefabricated home additions are built off-site and then brought to your home where they are put together. Because they are premade, onsite construction time is much faster and there is minimal disruption to your day-to-day.

Home additions are built onto your house on site so they take longer to construct and, depending on the type of extension added, will disrupt your daily routine. Building an extension is also far more expensive than purchasing a prefab home addition.

Benefits of Modular Additions

There are many benefits to installing a modular addition to your home.

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Modular additions can be customized so you can choose the style and design that best suits your home and personal needs. When designing your prefab addition, you decide the size, number of windows, type of room or rooms, colour, layout, and doors. You can also choose a single, double, or stacked prefab so you can create an addition that meets your home and budget needs. Electrical wiring, heating, and plumbing fixtures can also be added to your prefab to meet your needs.

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Because modular additions for existing homes are built off site then transported to your property, they are far more durable than traditional home additions. Each panel of the prefabricated addition is designed to be moved from one location to another and installed onto your property so it can withstand the jostling, lifting, transferring and construction.

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There are many environmental benefits to installing a modular addition to your home. Because they are made off-site, there is no wasted of materials so less resources are used. Prefabs are made using durable materials that last so you do not have to replace the features as quickly as you do with other additions. Prefabricated home additions also take far less time to install so contractors use less fuel and energy to add the unit to your property. Many prefab additions are made using five star, energy efficient windows, doors, insulation, green roofs, and recycled materials.

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More Cost Effective

Prefab home additions cost considerably less to install than built-on home additions. Where home additions can cost over $100,000, modular additions come in different sizes so you can design one that fits your budget. Because you are buying a prefab, the upfront cost does not change. When adding an additional room or section to your home, a contractor will give you an estimated quote that can change when construction begins.

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Increase Resale Value

Adding space to your home increases the value of your property. Because modular additions are more cost effective to install, they not only increase the resale value of your property but also provide a higher return on your investment.

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Aesthetically Pleasing

Modular additions add to the aesthetic look of your home. The units are custom made so you can choose the size, style, overall design, and placement location that best suits your current home’s layout.

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As your life changes, you can quickly discover that your current home no longer meets the requirements of your growing family and evolving needs. Adding a prefabricated home addition is a great way to increase the space and rooms of your current home. At Black Pearl Custom Homes, we are experts in prefabricated home additions. We can help you add more home to your existing house.

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