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A home addition is a perfect project if you love your current neighbourhood and don’t want to relocate yet want to expand your living space. And that’s where we can help. For over a decade, we have completed many home additions projects for our satisfied clients across Toronto and the GTA.

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Our unwavering commitment to our customers is what truly sets us apart from the competition. Moreover, we spare you the trouble of coordinating between multiple subcontractors because we have it all in-house. Our team of skilled builders, designers, painters, and plumbers always has your best interest at heart.

Types of Home Additions We Offer

And the building permit is on us.

Lateral Extension
Rear House Extension
Top-Up Addition

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home additions toronto

At Black Pearl Custom Homes, we pride ourselves on our reputation and expertise. As a result, our customer satisfaction rates are consistently high. And we don’t just build homes, we build long-standing relationships with our loyal customers. Trust us to always give a 100% on the job because we care about your home just as much as you do! Using only the highest-quality materials from the world’s top suppliers, your renovation project will definitely be worth it when you hire us.

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Bump out

Want to add more space to your favourite room? One of the ways to increase the living space in your home is to incorporate a bump-out home addition to whichever room you want to expand. It may be to make more space in your kitchen, create more living areas in your living room or other room in your home. You may be surprised to know that a bump-out addition plan may be just as significant to your home as adding an additional room. Create more living space by considering a bump-out home addition.

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Sunroom Addition

Adding a sunroom to an ideal spot in your home is an excellent way of incorporating additional light. It also allows you to enjoy the benefits of an “outdoor feel” while inside your home. There are many kinds of sunrooms available for you to install in your home. Some of the leading questions you should ask yourself is whether you plan on using your sunroom throughout the year or solely during the summer months. Your answer to this question can help you determine whether you should invest in a 3- or 4-season sunroom, a solarium or a screened porch. Each one of these requires a different amount of work and the cost will vary significantly.

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Second Story Addition

Expanding your home vertically by adding a second story can allow you to do much more with your living space in a creative way. Some families may opt to add a second-floor addition to a bungalow to add more bedrooms for family members or to section off different floors so they can create a multi-generational home. Whatever the reason, taking the time to perfectly plan out and consider all possibilities is key. Before embarking on such a project, conduct research and take your budget into account. Talk to professionals and find out what your best options are and to make sure your house addition plans don’t compromise the structural integrity of your home.

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Garage Addition

Another great home addition idea is adding a garage. This is bound to add convenience and also increase the value of your home. Garages are always useful. Whether it is for parking your vehicle or storing some essential items, a garage addition is always a great idea. Building a garage is great for storing cars because it provides protection from weather elements. Another benefit of adding a garage to your home is that you can potentially build an additional room above it. This means you are getting twice the benefit.

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Attic Conversion

Converting your attic to a usable room is an upgrade many families consider. If you have the space, this could turn into a worthwhile home improvement project. The space can be converted into an extra bedroom or a room designated for another purpose. When considering whether your attic is fit for an attic conversion, look at the height of your ceiling. It should be at least seven feet high, ideally; and the roof should be slanted at a 45-degree angle. If your attic does not have these specifications, do not worry. Your home can be renovated to meet these requirements.


  1. How Much Does a Home Extension Cost?

    The cost of a home addition depends on several factors:
    types of home additions, type of materials, a lateral or vertical one, and what type of foundation.

  2. Are home additions worth it?

    yes, not only does it give additional space for your family, and add a bit of your own creativity it will also increase the value of your home.

  3. Is it cheaper to add an addition up or out?

    when you build a home addition, on average going up for the second floor will cost between $170 to $270, but if you choose to go outwards, a home addition will cost between $130 – $190, Building out is significantly less expensive than building up.

  4. Is it cheaper to build or add on?

    on average it cost more to buy a new house with the additional space you need than add an addition to your house. when selling your old house and buying a new one, the closing cost involved may make this option more expensive than a home addition.