Home Renovation

Dining room design by custom home experts

Black Pearl Custom Homes has been providing an exceptional Design-Build experience for home addition and renovation. Our skill and craftsmanship are staples in every project we take on.

Serving homeowners across Toronto and the GTA, we strive to give each project our undivided attention. We only work on a few projects at a time to maintain the level of quality we’ve set for ourselves in the industry.

Home Renovation

Exquisite taste. Impeccable quality.

Every home needs a renovation at some point or another. Say, you’ve lived in the same home for a long time. Or you just bought a 5-year old house that needs some oomph. Or maybe you want to make better use of your old basement. This calls for a renovation project!

We fully understand the hassle of choosing a renovation contractor to upgrade your place. You’re browsing through online reviews, evaluating portfolios, requesting quotes from a dozen reno companies, following up on your building permit. And all this while trying to stay within your budget! There’s a lot to consider.

Living room and stairway renovated by Black Pearl

But here’s the thing. No need for the back and forth. We have the answers to all your questions. Black Pearl Custom Homes is a one-stop-shop, design-build renovation company. We work with our clients on the basis of “our clients come first.”

Classic living room design by Black Pearl custom homes

Home Renovation Made Easy

We put you first.

Have a tight budget? We can accommodate you.
Struggling with your building permit? We’ll obtain it on your behalf.
Thinking of a complete home renovation? We got you covered.
A partial renovation? We can do that, too!
Unsure of building materials? We work with top suppliers.

Home Renovation at Your Fingertips

Tell us about your vision.

At Black Pearl Custom Homes, we pride ourselves on our reputation and expertise. As a result, our customer satisfaction rates are consistently high. And we don’t just build homes, we build long-standing relationships with our loyal customers. Trust us to always give a 100% on the job because we care about your home just as much as you do! Using only the highest-quality materials from the world’s top suppliers, your renovation project will definitely be worth it when you hire us.

We cannot wait to hear from you. Send us an email or give us a call today.

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  1. How much does it cost to remodel an entire house?

    The average cost to remodel a house may vary depending on the extent of your renovation, quality of materials, and the size of your home. The whole house renovation on average cost between $20,000 – $100,000.

  2. Where do I start when renovating a house?

    you should start by making a renovation checklist that will include:
    1. Renovation Plan
    2. Renovation Design
    3. Renovation Budget
    you can read additional information in our blog post: “renovation checklist – how to plan your renovation“.

  3. Is it cheaper to build or renovate a house?

    It depends on several factors like:
    your home, your budget, and your needs. it is often cheaper to renovate or add home addition to gain more space than to buy a new house with the space you require.

  4. How long does it take to do a full renovation?

    Most renovation projects we work on take between 3 to 9 months depending on several factors like the size of the house, the complexity of the project, and some other small factors.