Top 9 Bathroom Renovation Tips

Tired of looking at the same old bathroom? If you are one of the countless homeowners considering a bathroom remodel, you’re in great company. We are passionate about bathroom renovations and are eager to share many bathrooms remodel ideas that are bound to make all the difference in your bathroom.

Two common misconceptions about bathroom renos – there’s only so much you can do with your bathroom space, and bathroom renovations are complicated. While there are some complexities involved in renovating a bathroom, there are bathroom experts like Black Pearl Custom Homes who take all the hard work out of bathroom renos. A little goes a long way toward revitalizing your bathroom space. Here are some creative bathroom renovation tips you should consider.


Location is Important

Where things are located in your bathroom can make all the difference in convenience and flow in your bathroom. You want your bathroom not only to look good but be functional as well. While there is plenty of room for creativity, we recommend keeping the faucet, toilet, and shower where they are located.

If you can avoid changing the plumbing, do so. Relocating these fixtures will increase the amount of reno work needed and increase the cost significantly.  Instead, swap out your old toilet or faucets for more stylish and eco-friendly options.

Mix and Match Materials

Anytime you’re doing a renovation is an opportunity to explore new styles and designs. Experiment with different materials from different vendors so you can determine which ones are feasible for your budget and give you the quality you need.

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality or style.

custom shower with marble splash tiles and glass enclose

Add Patterned Floor Tilespatterned floor tiles

Patterns naturally draw the eye and can create focal points in any room. Your bathroom is no different. Consider installing patterned floor tiles to enhance your bathroom.

These types of tiles add a modern and contemporary element to your bathroom.

Unique custom bathroom by Black Pearl

Incorporate Smart Technology

Everyone loves convenience. Find ways to infuse modern technology into your bathroom that allow you to enjoy some of the perks technology has to offer.

Some smart bathroom features include motion-detected faucets, which limit the spread of germs by allowing you to turn your faucets on and off without touching them. Other smart features include smart fans and smart lighting controls.

Upgrade Shower Walls

Consider retiling your shower walls and see just how much that simple change updates the room. It actually has the power to make your bathroom look brand new.

Upgrading your shower walls may seem like one of the last priorities for a bathroom makeover but it is definitely worth the while. Shop around for shower tiles that are economical but also deliver on appeal.

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Explore Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is critical to the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Most bathrooms do not get much natural lighting and require artificial lighting to brighten up the space. Sometimes additional lighting is just what your bathroom needs.

Consider switching your lighting options and installing some LED recessed lights strategically in your bathroom. Some awesome areas to consider installing these are in your shower, above cabinetry, counters, or mirrors.

Black pearl custom home bathroom with luxury bath

Add Bathroom Storage

Most bathrooms could use a little more storage. In fact, you can never have too much storage in a bathroom. Storage options allow you to creatively store extra towels and other bathroom necessities.

Finding ways to create more storage will help you keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free.

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Choose the Right Flooring

Your flooring option in your bathroom needs to be functional and safe. Since bathrooms are prone to moisture, you need to find the flooring that is suitable for such conditions. Consider flooring made from material that offers versatility and style like porcelain, ceramic, or vinyl.

Many of these options are waterproof which can reduce the possibility of injury in your bathroom.

Custom marble bath design

Use Wainscoting

Many homeowners overlook wainscoting because they assume that it doesn’t make much of a difference in a room. If you’ve ever walked into a room without wainscoting, you can probably attest to just how vital this subtle, yet key feature is.

Touch up or redo your wainscoting to upgrade your bathroom and boost the room’s aesthetic value.

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