Top Custom Home Designs for Your Dream Home


Building a custom home allows you to explore your imagination and implement some of the dream house ideas you love. However, many people feel overwhelmed with the enormity of the project. A lot of detail that goes into building a custom home, and the list of things to consider when building a house is very lengthy. That’s why it’s so crucial to break the project down into bite-size pieces and tackle each one at a time. Here are some cool house ideas you should consider.


Indoor Living Spaces

The interior of your home should bring you great pride and be designed in a way that allows the whole family to appreciate and enjoy shared spaces. These areas are where lasting memories are created, where everyone can come together and spend quality time together. Consider the following new home design ideas for your home.

1. Fully Decked Kitchen

There are a ton of ways to make your kitchen space pop – creative colours, good layout, stylish seating, high-end appliances and custom cabinetry. Kitchens are the heart of the home, but it all begins with a well-designed, modern kitchen with all the bells and whistles.

2. Pot Lights Underneath Cabinets

Additional lighting in your kitchen is not only functional, it can be decorative as well. Having pot lights installed beneath cabinets is an excellent way to do this.

3. Kitchen Nook

This is a designated area in your kitchen where members of your household can eat a light meal, do homework or share a private conversation.

4. Shelving

Nothing screams style more than built-in bookshelves. They add more elegance to the room than freestanding bookshelves do. In addition, you never have to worry about your bookshelf tipping over and causing damage or injury.

5. Mudroom

This is great in places like Ontario where winters can be cold and messy. The mudroom is the area where you can remove your outdoor gear at the end of the day and store it away neatly for the next morning.

6. Pet Area

 It’s nice to give your furry family members a designated area that’s just for them. Think about installing features like a shower, automatic feeders and built-in bowls.

7. Organizing Cubby

Every family needs a cubby to store essential items like keys, a wallet/purse, cell phones or other things you can take with you when you leave. Think about adding extras like charging stations or a bulletin board in this area so no one in the family misses important dates or announcements.

8. Home Office

With more and more jobs offering remote positions, a home office is an excellent idea. Have an area in your home designed to promote productivity.

9. Game Room

This can easily become your family’s favourite room in the home. A game room allows you to store games and activities away from high traffic areas in the home. When designing your game room, think about what your family loves to do and incorporate those things e.g. a pool table or a TV for gaming.

10. Playroom

Got small kids? A well-designed kid-friendly space is the perfect spot for children to play freely. As your children grow, you can easily transform this room into a more suitable one for older kids.

11. Home Theater

Who says you need to leave home to have a great movie experience? Design a home theater in your home with good lighting, a great sound system and comfortable seating.

12. Large Windows

Large windows are not only picturesque, but they also allow plenty of natural light into your home.

13. Granite or Quartz Countertops

These add so much sophistication to your kitchen or bathroom and can be custom designed to match your colour preference.

14. High Ceilings

Many homeowners are choosing to design one-story homes instead of multi-story homes. Having a high ceiling that is 10 or 11 feet compared to the standard 8-9 feet can make your home feel more spacious.

15. Open Floor Plan

Create more space in your home with an open floor plan and fewer walls. Consider cool home designs that separate areas in your home.

amazing backyard with interlocking and custom deck - home renovations mississauga

Outdoor Living Areas

More and more homeowners are capitalizing on their outdoor space and using it as an extension of their indoor experience. There are many new home ideas you can implement to convert your outdoor area into a space you can enjoy without having to sacrifice luxury and comfort.

1. Outdoor Kitchen

Have fun preparing meals on the grill by designing an area you can cook, eat and enjoy the outdoors.

2.  Custom Pool

Hot summer days are bearable with a custom pool where the whole family can cool off in.

3. Spa/Hot Tub

An outdoor spa/hot tub is one of the modern custom features you can never go wrong with. Enjoy the warmth of a bubbling hot tub on your own or with a group of friends.

4. Outdoor Lounge Seating and Fire Pit

A fire pit is one of the cool house features everyone in the home will love. Enjoy your evenings on comfortable seats, delicious food and the warmth of a fire.

5. Sports Area

Do you have an active family? Create an area to enjoy sporting activities like a tennis court or a basketball court.

6. Playground

Have small kids? A jungle gym or playhouse are excellent features to have in your outdoor space where the little ones can have loads of fun.

7. Large Garage

Having an oversized garage means that you can do more with the space than simply parking your car. An oversize garage is perfect for a man cave, guestroom or bar.


Personal Spaces

Everyone needs a special area within the home where they can retreat and find some quiet time to themselves. Be intentional about designing your home to include such areas.

1. Expansive Master Bedroom

Build a master bedroom that exudes luxury and style with a unique design. Give yourself plenty of room so you can enjoy the space and not have to worry about clutter. 

2. Walk-In Shower

Unwind in a luxurious shower equipped with full body jets, the right water pressure and beautifully tiled walls.

3. Stand-Alone Tub

This is the epitome of relaxation – a long, warm soak in a tub that comfortably sits two.

4. Walk-In Closets

Keep your clothes and shoes organized in a walk-in closet and have a section dedicated just for yourself.

5. Large Dressing Room

Getting ready for the day should be as easy 1,2, 3. A spacious dressing room will take your morning routine to a whole new level.


Luxury Features

Build a sophisticated sanctuary you can take pride in. If all the basics are covered in your home and you still have some room in your budget for some extras, consider some luxury features that will enhance your home. Don’t just add extra features just because; make sure you create spaces in your home that you will actually use and cherish. Try some of these unique house designs:

1. Hidden Room

Create a space in your room that is just for you or your spouse. A special place you can escape to to catch your breath.

2. Safe Room

This is a great place to store valuable belongings that need to be stored in a secure place. Some homeowners decide to use a safe room to store extra supplies they may need in case an emergency comes up.

3. Wine Room

A temperature-controlled wine cellar is one of the popular house building ideas many homeowners love to add to their custom homes.

4. Detached House for the In-Laws

Having a separate space for guests to use when they visit you instead of sharing bathrooms with the rest of the family is a great way to give guests their own privacy. It’s a win-win for everyone.

5. Laundry Chute

Keep dirty clothes out of the bedrooms with the convenience of a laundry chute that delivers laundry right to your laundry room.

6. Bowling Alley

It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as the bowling alley down the street, but you can create one fit for your home for a great social activity for family and friends.

7. Home Gym

Working on your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home is far more convenient than having to go to your local gym and wait for your favorite machine to become available. Work out at home in your own gym.

8. Library

Do you love to read? Have a designated area in your home for a library to display your books.

9. Catering Kitchen

Traditionally known as a Butler’s pantry, this feature often found in mansions or older homes. A catering kitchen is a food prep station positioned away from the kitchen and dining room area.

10. Solar Panels

Natural energy has many benefits and can save you money on your energy costs. Install solar panels to generate the electricity your household needs.

Ready to Build Your Dream Home?

Custom home architectural drawings

Now that you have endless options to consider, consider working with a builder to bring these cool home designs to life. Hiring separate contractors on your own can be stressful to manage especially if you’re considering more intricate and detailed home renovations.

Building dream homes is what we do best. We provide full home services from architectural planning, interior design to project management. Schedule your free consultation with Black Pearl Custom Homes before you begin construction.